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  • Why does your low-fat pressed cottage cheese look and taste different?

    Customer Service receives many calls and emails from our consumers with comments regarding many of our products, from taste, texture, consistency to requesting us to make other products.  Once these calls are answered  they are forwarded to our Product Development team for their review.


    One product that was receiving lots of attention was our low-fat pressed cottage cheese.  The concerns included packaging that our consumers said was not practical - so we changed the packaging with a 500g tub.  We have been getting rave reviews.


    We were also told that the cottage cheese was too dry and crumbly so we made a second change. We created a recipe using the exact same ingredients and produced a much creamier textured low-fat pressed cottage cheese. 


    We hope you will enjoy the packaging and the new taste!! 


    Answered by: Customer Service

  • Are any of your products Gluten Free?


    The following Organic Meadow Products are Gluten Free:


    • Milk and Cream
    • Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Yogurt, Greek Yogurt
    • Low Fat Pressed Cottage cheese, 2% Cottage Cheese
    • Cultured and Salted Butter
    • Mozzarella, Swiss and Cheddar Cheeses


    The following Organic Meadow products are NOT Gluten Free:


    • Ice cream (made in a facility that make ice-cream containing gluten)
    • Kefir (the culture contains traces of barley)

    Answered by: Customer Service

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Organic Meadow chocolate milk is made with fresh organic milk.

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Healthy and nutritious!

Healthy and nutritious!

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