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Organic Meadow has the most amazing consumers and we love hearing from you! Read below to see what some people have to say about us.

November 2013


I have tried all your products and am very pleased.

I had your Greek yogurt for the first time this evening. All I can say is Absolutely...incredibly delicious!!!

I have had many different brands but yours is one of the best .. you guys nailed it from every angle...the marriage of taste and texture...perfect.

Keep up the great products.

Happy customer

~ John


May 2013

I have always been a person who takes care of myself but in more recent weeks I have been taking more responsibility about the food I eat, and that of my family.  I am a frugal person and always like a deal but now I have finally decided to spend more money for more quality in food.  I will be buying everything that I can, foodwise, locally and not buying from any factory farms.  

The reason for this email is to tell you that I think your website is amazing and I will be showing my kids.  I wish children, doctors and all people were more educated in the nutrition and food industry.  Also, all people need to know what an important role farmers play.

Thank you for your products.  Although I cringe at the prices I know it's best for my body and the world and that is what is most important.

~ Julie


April 2013

Amazing. There is nothing else on the market quite like your chocolate milk. Every other brand I have tried tastes too powdery. Your chocolate milk is the only milk I will EVER buy. Thanks for making such an amazing product. My whole family loves it. I am going back to Whole foods this weekend to pick up some milk!

 ~ Jessica


December, 2012

Your no fat plain greek yogurt is by FAR the best quality on the market, hands down, bar none. I have tried every other brand out there and no one compares to your quality product. I am a vegetarian and prefer organics always looking for quality, nutrition values and taste. This yogurt is a home run on all accounts, not chalky tasting or lumpy with very smooth texture and consistency. Great product. Only one thought, maybe you could lower the sugar content to about 2g instead of 5g unless that is naturally occurring. I like reduced sweetness where I know most people like more sugar. Just a suggestion, otherwise, you got a customer for life. This is made the real Greek Yogurt filtering way and it shows.

Thanks again,

~ David L

(Note:  David is correct - the sugar content of 5g per 3/4 cup is naturally occurring sugar)


October 2012

I just wanted to let you know how much our family loves all your products. We have been enjoying your organic delicacies for some time now but only just recently we discovered your pressed 0.5% cottage cheese and it is so good that we had to let you know what an outstanding product we think that you created. Low sodium content is important in our daily diet. The unnoticeable salt makes it perfect for incorporating it in sweet recipes, it can even replace ricotta! Also our cats love it. Finally a cottage cheese so versatile that everyone can love it!

Keep up the great work!!!

~ M & Family


October 2012

I don’t have a question, I just wanted to send a compliment on how happy my family is drinking your milk. I have a 6 year old who won’t drink milk at anyone else’s house unless it’s Organic Meadow (it doesn’t taste right to him). I am now starting to introduce your milk to my one year old twins and I look forward to many more years as an extremely happy customer. I go out of my way to find local businesses and am so happy to be able to give my children the best milk while at the same time supporting local farmers. Thank you so much for giving us an amazing brand to raise our children on!

 ~ Ellen F.


August 2012

Hi, I don’t have a question, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been buying your Organic Meadow whole milk and plain yogurt for a few years now, and really like them.  Also, I tried your sour cream today and it’s so delicious.  The best I’ve ever tasted.  I appreciate that your products have no added ingredients and are all natural, and of course, organic.

~ Dianne M.


July 2012

 Hi - Just wanted to say that I love your 3.8% milk! I have a toddler at home and he drinks a lot of milk and I like to make sure it's Organic Meadow.

Keep up the good work!

~ Nicola


July 2012

 First I want to say that I use your half and half cream in my coffee. It tastes delicious! I lived in Europe for ten years and when I moved back, I started buying coffee cream from your competitors (traditional companies), and I disliked the after taste of their products. I started experimenting and came across Organic Meadow half and half and I have been a faithful customer ever since! Your product taste simple and pure. I just wanted to say I am happy to see quality organic dairy products in Ontario! 

~ Chris


July 2012

 Hello to everyone at Organic Meadow.  I am writing this e-mail as kind of a story of interest (funny).

I have a 9 year old German Shepherd Mika who has suffered from severe skin allergies for years. She has been on so many antibiotics that I thought I would incorporate yogurt into her daily diet. I started with Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt but the fat content was causing her to gain weight so I researched to find a high quality no fat yogurt to mix with it and found organic Meadow.

She absolutely loves it, this is where the funny part comes in.

When I went to the store to get more of the Organic Meadow brand the store was sold out so I had to get a different fat free brand (a well known popular brand). Not even thinking about the switch until she stopped eating her yogurt completely, my husband and I thought she was ill so I waited a couple of days to try the yogurt again. I knew she wanted yogurt because when I said "your yogurt is ready" she came running. She put her nose to it then turned around and walked away. I knew she was fussy but I didn't know to what extreme.

I picked up your brand on the way home the next day and now life is back to normal, she can't eat it fast enough. My husband and I both compared the two different yogurts and we were shocked because we couldn't tell any difference but our dog refuses to eat the other brand.

I must say that her coat has never looked better and I'm not sure if it is just a fluke or what but her skin has improved so much that we can't believe the difference. Also she doesn't seem to have stomach problems anymore!

I don't know how you make this product but please don't ever change it.

One Very Satisfied Customer!

~ Sharon


May 2011

I just wanted to say that I just recently read the article on Amy Darroch in Chatelaine and I was very impressed with her ambition and dedication to dairy farming. Despite the unsupportive feedback she received from different people, she still pursued her dream.

I am an avid animal lover and from this point on will now only purchase Organic Meadows milk. My many reasons include the fact that it is Canadian, the animal welfare, and the obvious love and dedication from the farmers. I had to smile when Amy mentioned that at the end of the day, when the cows lay to rest, they let out a little adorable.

~ Marlene


May, 2011

 Hi! My mom and I bought a small tub of your 0% fat yogurt two days ago, for the first time, and we were SO impressed!!! In fact, we finished the entire thing in two days, and went back to our local Loblaw’s (in Ottawa) today to purchase five more tubs!

(Unfortunately, we have one tub of yogurt from another company left in the fridge, and we can't decide who is going to finish it - we both now just want to eat the Organic Meadow yogurt!)

My mother also reports that the Organic Meadow Light Sour Cream is out of this world (another purchase made today, since our discovery of your products).

Thank you so much for making such high quality and delicious products!

~ Hannah (and Sharon)


April 2011

 Hello Organic Meadow,

My name is Louise and I just want to thank you and praise you for introducing your Lactose Free Organic 2% partly skimmed Milk. I Love love love it. I had been putting up with non organic lactose free milk and trying each different brand in an effort to avoid their sickly sweet tastes. I could bear it on cereal and a drop in my tea but drinking a whole glass was unthikable. I was very surprised to see yours in the Foodland grocery store in the Beaches, Toronto and was even more surprised when I tasted it. I live at the opposite end of the city and I have been travelling an hour each way to buy my weekly milk!!!! How is that for customer loyalty?! Also, I had great news today when my local store discovered they could in fact order the Organic Meadow Lactose Free 2% partly skimmed milk in for me. They hadn't realized it existed and agreed they should put up a sign informing other shoppers of this wonderful product.

I will continue to spread the "gospel" of Organic Meadow Lactose Free Milk because it tastes superbly creamy and delicious.

~ Louise


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