Vlodale Farms Ltd. - The VanderVloet Family

Vlodale Farms Ltd. – The VanderVloet Family

Chris and Barb VanderVloet are determined to help more than one of their 13 children to get into farming. This goal encouraged them to move to organic production - and adopt some creative thinking.

In February 2009, Vlodale Farms’ dairy herd of 150 Holstein cows achieved certified organic status. After completing high school, Chris and Barb’s five eldest children were committed to staying and working on the family farm. They each make an hourly wage and keep track of income and expenses from their portion of the dairy herd.

Chris and Barb believe that farming organically has suited their family perfectly. For Chris, farming is a lot more relaxing now that he doesn’t need to worry about crop input, commodity and fertilizer prices.


Did You Know

A bull is a mature male bovine or dairy cow

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