Torrie Farms - Jeff, Shirley, Brad and Mark Torrie

Torrie Farms

Torrie Farms was originally established in 1869 when Archibald Torrie settled on the Grey County farm after arriving in Canada from the Isle of Argyle in Scotland.  Generations later, Alex and Shirley Torrie purchased their first Holstein cow after marrying in 1965. 

Brad, Jeff and Mark are the fifth generation of Torries to operate the Grey County family farm.  With some interest being shown from their young children, there are good prospects for the sixth generation to take over.

The Torrie family work together to milk 70 cows, care for a 50 head cow-calf beef operation and run 1600 acres, where they grow spelt, barley, oats, hay, corn silage and sunflowers.  The size of their operation allows them to all work together and their farm’s diversity allows each of the partners to have an area of expertise which they focus on. 

Some treatments that have worked well on the herd for health problems include protein whey and injectable vitamin C for mastitis and apple cider drench for digestive problems.  A homeopathy “immune system booster” is added to the calf milk.

“It is very rewarding to watch the farm continue to grow and change under our sons' management,” says Shirely.  They will face many challenges in the future as each generation does.  It is important that the family farm be preserved, not only as a way of life but for the good of society,” she adds.


Did You Know

A healthy acre of farmland can have up to 500,000 earthworms

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