Sonset Farm - The Cumpson Family

Sonset Farm – The Cumpson Family

Every day Orrie, Andrea and Charlie Cumpson give thanks for the “honour and privilege” of being able to work on the land, with animals and with their hands in the soil. Their family farm, located north of Kingston, Ontario, is quite diversified, but the main focus is on their beautiful herd of Holstein and Jersey cows.

Along with dairy, they grow spelt, milling about 3 tonnes of spelt flour throughout the year for the local market, with the remaining crop sold off-farm.

Rye, oats, barley, hay, corn and buckwheat are all important parts of Sonset Farm’s crop rotations, and flax is purchased from an off-farm source. Raising grass-fed beef, pastured pork and eggs, as well as growing seasonal vegetables are a growing sideline for the Cumpson’s farm.  These products are sold on the farm and in various stores in and around Kingston.

Did You Know

A calf is a newborn dairy cow.

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