NewCare EcoFarms - The Biemond Family

NewCare EcoFarms – The Biemond Family

Josh and Ellen Biemond and their four children have been farming on their family’s organic dairy operation in eastern Ontario since 2005.

In 1989 Josh’s parents Pieter and Maria eliminated all use of chemicals and transitioned their farm to organic.  Ten years later in 1999 they started shipping milk to Organic Meadow.  Wanting to raise a family in a lifestyle that supported healthy living, family involvement and offered a more spacious environment, Josh and Ellen returned to the family farm in the spring of 2005 to work alongside Josh’s parents.  They are pleased to be a part of the organic movement of like minded organic family farms.

Josh and Ellen milk approximately 36 cross-bred cows and produce some cash crops.  In 2010, they partnered with Josh’s brother Rudi to take over the farm, allowing Pieter and Maria to retire.  Using every opportunity they can to share their experiences on the farm, Josh and Ellen are doing their part to reduce the gap between the farm and the fridge.  “It is so important for consumers to know where their food comes from so they can make educated food choices,” says Josh.  “If we take the opportunity to help them in any capacity, then we’re doing our job.”


Did You Know

Organic Meadow cows are only fed certified organic grains and hay.

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