Minten Dairy Farms - Joseph and Johanna Minten

Minten Dairy Farms – Joseph and Johanna Minten

Minten Dairy Farms has been shipping certified organic milk to Organic Meadow since May 2007 – a milestone that Joseph and Johanna Minten attribute to working together as a family. 

The Minten farm, located just west of Strathroy, Ontario, is home to 95 Holstein cows. Working with an independent nutritionist, the Mintens are meticulous about milk quality, feeding their cows a variety of home-grown feed and grazing them rotationally in the warm months. Crops grown on the farm include pasture, spelt, hay, corn, barley, rye, wheat and soybeans.

Joseph and Johanna have 13 children.  With all the children involved, farming on Minten Dairy Farms is truly a family affair. "We’re lucky to have great kids who work hard and work well together,” says Joseph.


Did You Know

Trans fats are a naturally occurring fat created in all dairy cow’s stomachs.

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