Lizton Acres - The Brunsveld Family

Lizton Acres – The Brunsveld Family

John and Mary Brunsveld of Lizton Acres are proud to be shipping certified organic milk.

John was encouraged to “go organic” through conversations with other organic farmers, whose successes encouraged him. After visiting several organic farms, he and Mary decided that organic would be a good fit for their operation.

In the spring and fall, the Brunsvelds’ 70 Holsteins and 10 Jerseys graze morning and evenings, but in the heat of the summer they graze during the evenings only. Every day, weather permitting, the cows get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Their diet is highly forage-based, and so are Lizton fields. The Brunsvelds grow 250 acres of hay, 70 acres of pasture and some winter wheat.

Health problems with the Lizton herd have been minimal thanks to the Brunsvelds’ knowledge of homeopathy and herbal medicines. They use aloe vera and garlic tinctures to support their cows’ immune systems, and an Oil of Oregano-based product for the occasional case of mastitis.

Did You Know

Cows have 32 teeth.

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