Organic Meadow Celebrates Its History and Future at its 25th Anniversary AGM

September 30, 2014

Organic Meadow Celebrates Its History and Future at its 25th Anniversary AGM

Organic Meadow Family Celebrates 25th Anniversary at AGM on Sept 30, 2014.

Organic Meadow Celebrates Its History and Future at 25th Anniversary AGM


Guelph, ON, Sept 30, 2014 - On September 30, 2014, over 60 Organic Meadow farmer-owners and staff gathered at the Arboretum, University of Guelph for their Annual General Meeting, celebrating the co-operative’s 25th Anniversary.

Organic Meadow began in 1989, when a group of six farmers gathered around a kitchen table in Durham, Ontario, with a vision of building a sustainable system to make wholesome food accessible to Canadians.  The system would be different than others before – it would start at the farm gate.

A great deal of the co-operative’s success has been credited to its distinctly unique business model : governed on the principles of co-operation, collaboration and teamwork.  As Canada’s oldest organic dairy co-operative, these values continue to shape their approach to business. 

“Instead of ‘get big or get out’ we decided to get together and stay in”, shared Tony McQuail, one of the founding members of the Organic Meadow Co-operative. 

Today, that small farmer’s co-operative under its brand name Organic Meadow, has grown to become a leader in the organic dairy category, offering more than 90 organic products at grocery stores across the country, including organic milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, butter, eggs and ice cream. 

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A cow has about 207 bones in its body.

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Creamy and delicious!

Creamy and delicious!

Organic Meadow Butter is made the old fashioned way without any colours, additives and preservatives. Read more »

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