Meet Esther: A Cow Story

Take a glimpse into the daily routine of the cows who produce Organic Meadow milk.

Meet Esther

  • Meet Esther

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    At Organic Meadow, ours cows have names, and are treated like members of the family. So we thought you'd like to meet Esther and share a day in her idyllic life.

  • Early Morning

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    Ah morning! My farmer wakes me up at 6:00 am. He gives me my breakfast of certified organic hay and grains—like oats, barley and corn. Lucky me—being organic means my food is grown from untreated, non-GMO seeds without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. After breakfast, it's milking time. I produce an average of 25 litres per day.

  • Afternoon

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    The milking is done, and I head outside to pasture for a long, lazy day of grazing on fresh, lush grass. Organic standards say that I need to graze every day in the summer and must have access to the great outdoors year round (weather permitting). This means I get lots of room to roam around and socialize with the other cows.

  • Lights Out

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    It's 6:00pm and here comes my farmer to take us back to the barn for our evening milking. Then it's lights out and off to bed for a good night's sleep.

Did You Know

A calf is a newborn dairy cow.

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