How Egg Nog is Made

Go behind the scenes and see how Organic Meadow Egg Nog is made

Fresh Milk in the Mixing Tank

  • Fresh Milk in the Mixing Tank

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    The production of Egg Nog is a special time for us at Organic Meadow! We only produce it for 6-8 weeks a year, so we anticipate it for a very long time.

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    We start with only the freshest organic milk possible and put it into a large mixing tank.

  • Sugar is Added

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    First, we add the organic raw cane sugar to a funnel that will incorporate it with the fresh organic milk.

  • Egg Nog Base is Added

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    We then add the Egg Nog base that contains the eggs, spices and other ingredients already mixed into it.

  • Egg Nog is Homogenized and Pasteurized

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    The Egg Nog is then sent to the homogenizer and pasteurizer to ensure a consistent product.

  • Egg Nog is Packaged

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    The Egg Nog cartons are then formed, filled and sealed by the same machine.

  • Egg Nog is Boxed and Shipped to Stores

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    Finally, the Egg Nog is ready to be put into cases and shipped to stores!

Did You Know

All Organic Meadow farms are family owned and operated

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